Capturing HDV Into ProRes Via FireWire

Ken Stone's FCP By Andrew Balis FCP (This article is an excerpt of an article from the Resource Center. The first part is printed here, and the second part is continued at Moviola's site, and includes goodies for you to download, namely some new Easy Setups to make your life a bit easier) Since HDV became a native format to edit in Final Cut Pro, there has been constant debate as to how to work efficiently, maintain as high a quality as possible when applying effects, and other issues as well. The best news on this front came recently. Starting with Final Cut Pro version 6.0.2, there are additional settings we can use when capturing HDV via FireWire that will convert the source material into Apple's new ProRes or ProRes HQ formats. I'll outline how to use these new settings, as well as I've created several new Easy Setups for you to download to avoid having to create all these yourself. read more...

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