Case Study: NewTek TalkShow for Remote Direction

Untitled NewTek talkshow allows you to add hi-resolution HD remote content via Skype into your live productions. In this case study learn how NewTek discovered another valuable use for TalkShow in a live production environment: To allow the director to remote in from an alternate location!

Many companies release a product designed for a specific purpose only to discover that their customers use it for something entirely different. Thomas Edison didn’t think his phonograph would be of any use for music reproduction, for example. In one recent case, the company making the product made the discovery before its customers did.

For NewTek, that process of discovery happened just as it was preparing to roll out a very promising new product called TalkShow, in a webcast to the world.

Just as production on the webcast began, director Rex Olson was unable to make it to the studio. The solution? Use TalkShow to allow him to watch the production remotely from his house in Los Angeles while directing the studio staff and on-camera presenter on location in San Antonio from his laptop computer, in real time. TalkShow was not only the subject of the webcast, but also the key player that facilitated the production itself. read more...

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