Case Study: Using NDI to Enable Complex Sports Streams


The live production workflows are never more important than that of a sporting event. Now with live streaming more and more events of all kinds are being produced and broadcast live. With the innovation of NDI now users of all kinds can elevate their live production no matter how professional they are.

Jack Lavey from FloSports was on a panel discussing how NDI technology has made it easier for him and his team to bring in outside elements into their production easily allowing them to give more production value to their audiences. He mentions the NewTek Connect Sparks as his saving grace opening up pathways to allow for outside graphics and videos for his productions.

I've got all these cameras out there, and they're all NDI-enabled. Whether the cameras are NDI-enabled or the computers are NDI-enabled, or we're just using Sparks. We love the NDI Sparks. We bought a ton of the HX Sparks from NewTek. Look it up. If you haven't seen those, look them up. That's the magic box right now in my opinion. They're so cheap.

Taken the HDMI signal out into a Sparks. It's an HDMI-to-ethernet converter. It's ethernet all the way back to this one hub. All these ethernet connections, and then into one computer. In that one computer I'm seeing all 27 signals. I've got a commentator who's able to switch between those 27 signals. He knows the sport. He's watching these guys and he's talking about bowling as he's switching between all 27 sports....[continue reading]

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