Case Study: Wirecast Used at Amherst Middle School

Amherst Middle School Uses Wirecast to Produce Live Morning TV Newscasts

Wirecast Case Study Wirecast used at Amherst Middle SchoolAt Amherst Middle School—a public school serving 700 students grades 6 through 8 in the Buffalo, NY suburbs—every student gets the chance to experience the excitement of producing “Live at 9:05,” their live, daily morning TV newscast. A welcome alternative to PA announcements, each 5-minute program reports on school news, events, student achievements and birthdays, weather and a life-coaching tip called “Today’s Caring Message.”

The Initiative

As part of the Amherst Tech TV program developed by Technology Education teacher Rob Zdrojewski (“Mr. Z”), the students take turns working in every news production position, from on-camera reporting to behind-the-scenes producing, directing, graphics creation, editing prerecorded video segments and more. The centerpiece of the school’s greenscreen TV studio is Telestream Wirecast live production and streaming software. It enables Amherst Middle School to cost-effectively:
  • Produce a high-quality live newscast broadcast every weekday over the school’s closed circuit TV system
  • Enhance the show with graphics keyed live into a greenscreen background, high-quality audio, CG text and other professional touches
  • Organize and manage news rundowns, including prerecorded video segments, graphics, program opens and closes and other show elements
  • Provide a user-friendly learning environment for students of every skill level
  • Upload shows to the school’s YouTube channel
  • Live stream to YouTube and save recorded copy for upload later

The Background

Seeking a way to give students hands-on experience running their own TV studio, Mr. Z spearheaded the Amherst Tech TV program in 2006. He devoted his free time to renovating a school storage room, and personally built a custom two-room TV studio
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