CDRinfo reviews the Pioneer DVR-A08

CDRinfo logo CDRinfo is a British site that offers the most in depth and technical reviews of DVD burners around. They use a wide variety of software, media and benchmarks. While this review gets very technical at times, I think those interested in understanding the latest new DVD burning technology will find it very interesting. Pioneer has been leading the DVD recording race, especially when we consider that almost all of the previous models supported the fastest DVD-R writing speeds. The A07 was the only recorder that supported 8XÂ ±R recording speeds and the A08 continues the tradition by supporting 16Â ±R writing speeds along with 4X DL writing, making it, the fastest DVD recorder announced yet. Having already tested the ASUS DRW-1604P and waiting for a new batch of 16X recorders to popup, we compared both drives in our usual suite of benchmarks, checking the reading and recording performance with all formats and speeds. Let's start :-) Click here for the whole review

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