Celebrating 20 Years of After Effects (part1)

Creative COW

When it was first released 20 years ago, After Effects was tucked into a corner of the market, for specialists with a narrow range of tasks. Since then, it has become an indispensable part of the bag of tricks for millions of media professional. Creative COW is the latest phase of the web's longest-running After Effects community, founded in April 1995 by two After Effects users, Ronald & Kathlyn Lindeboom, who were looking for answers to their own questions. Through online tutorials, DVD training, and forums with 2 million monthly visitors, we've had a front row seat to a true revolution.

And not just for the industry: for individual careers, and even lives. Starting today, you can see the first in a long series of 20th Anniversary good wishes and testimonials from members of the Creative COW community using After Effects for motion graphics, compositing, visual effects, as part of their editing and finishing, and much more. We'll be adding more every day, as well as highlighting some of the most popular feature stories we've published of real-world After Effects production.

We want to hear your story too! Swing by our Letters To The COW Team forum, and tell us your history with After Effects. The more stories, the merrier. read more...

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