Cerevo's LiveWedge award winning 4 input HDMI switcher, mixer, streamer and recorder gets new software release

livewedgeRelease contains recording capability plus network update and improved PinP/Chroma key functions

Cerevo, the IoT startup based in Tokyo, has released the latest firmware “Rev.1362” for LiveWedge, it’s award winning 4 input HDMI switcher, mixer and recorder. The release adds the much awaited record to SD card function and a host of other new features.

The complete release list for firmware “Rev.1362” is below.

Recording Function You can now record video to a SD card. You can use the recording function from the device menu. If you update the LiveWedge App to version 1.4, you can also control recording from your iPad.



*1 Live streaming, tablet preview and recording are exclusive functions, so cannot all be used at the same time. If you have a LiveWedge with a LiveShell PRO and a HDMI splitter, you can use two of the three functions at the same time.

Recording Function Specifications

Container MP4
Video codec H.264 High Profile
Audio codec AAC-LC
Resolution 1080p/720p/480p
Frame Rate 20/24/30 fps *2
Video Bitrate ※3 1080p 10Mbps、13Mbps、15Mbps
720p 6Mbps、8Mbps、10Mbps
480p 2Mbps、4Mbps、6Mbps
Audio bitrate 128kbps
SD Card support SD/SDHC/SDXC
SD Card format FAT16、FAT32、exFAT

*2: 1080p video recording is currently limited to 20 fps *3: The maximum video file size is 4GB or 150 min. If the video file is over 4GB or 150 min, multiple files will be created.

Network Update You can now update LiveWedge via the Internet. The network update feature requires firmware “Rev.1362” or later.


PinP and Chroma Key Function Now Available in Device Menu 「SUB VIDEO MODE」 has been added to the “Edit” menu. From here you can add PinP or Chroma Key effects via the [SUB VIDEO MODE] menu.


About Cerevo Cerevo Inc. was named after (Consumer Electronic REVOlution) and its HQ is located in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan with a branch office in Redmond, WA, USA. Cerevo focuses on creating networked devices for consumer and professional users. Cerevo’s products have been recognized globally for their unique connected solutions.

Cerevo has developed and released CEREVO CAM – a digital camera with internet connectivity, the LiveShell series – devices to enable livestreaming on Ustream using only a digital camera, SmartTrigger – a bluetooth remote to enable the release of your digital camera shutter from your smart phone and LiveWedge – a 4 input HDMI switcher with live streaming capabilities.

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