CES2017 Report: Intel Keynote Says Merged Reality Will Change Video

VR in 2017Intel has a vision for transforming many areas of life using VR and merged reality technology in video. ProVideoCoalition reports the details from CES 2017:
Intel kicked off the CES 2017 event announcing it’s investment in multiple technologies and also as a home for innovation in Virtual Reality — or the more advanced Merged Reality. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich led a truly immersive VR news conference, with an audience of more than 250 people using virtual reality headsets to experience a series of travel, work and play situations powered by Intel technology. The conference, held right before CES 2017 opened its doors, represents the first time 250 people in the same place at the same time independently performed a live industrial inspection using 360-degree, 4K video. The audience inspected a 2,000-acre solar power plant in the Moapa River Indian Reservation. A drone loaded with Orah 4i high-definition cameras and a low-power, high-latency computing solution gathered the inspection data....[continue reading on ProVideoCoalition]

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