CGW review Vegas+DVD Production Suite

By David Singer Computer Graphics World October, 2004 Sony Pictures Digital deals Vegas users a winning hand With its release of Vegas+DVD Production Suite, Sony Pictures Digital is positioning Vegas as a professional-level, all-in-one video and audio tool. The software suite includes Vegas 5, DVD Architect 2, and a Dolby Digital AC3 encoder. Vegas 5 +DVDA strong addition to Vegas, Network Rendering aided me in meeting a tight production deadline. Vegas+DVD Production Suite boasts a wealth of new features. Using its new 3D track motion feature, you can move and rotate video clips along the x, y, and z axes. You can pan and crop events with keyframable Bezier masking and import Macromedia Flash files. With downmix monitoring, you can preview how your audio will sound—from 5.1 channel to stereo to mono—ensuring your audio will sound the way you want regardless of the end users' hardware. read more...

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