Check out all these great Epiphan Pearl Nano review videos!

The reviews are in for the Epiphan Pearl Nano... and lets just say... they're great!

The Epiphan Pearl Nano is perfect for places where you might not need all of the features of the Pearl Mini or Pearl 2. This is a small, compact, rugged video streamer and recorder that’s easy to use, versatile, and provides professional quality streams.

We loved it so much we did an in-depth unboxing video for it! 

“This system is the perfect set-it-and-forget-it unit built for one channel live streaming! The Pearl Nano is amazing for – but not limited to – your house of worship, or school environment for mixed or online classes.” - Adam Noyes (Video Production Specialist at Videoguys)

But don't just take it from us... take it from the assortment of techies out there!


They said, "I could program [Pearl Nano] and mail it and a decent audio solution to different people that I want to interview, have them set it up, and do interviews. Can you do the same thing with OBS and a crappy laptop? Yes, you absolutely can, but it’s going to age you prematurely because supporting that is going to take a lot of your time. The technological debt of building a solution like that is not going to be pretty.”

Curtis Judd (Filmmaker)

"Curtis Judd is a filmmaker, photographer, and live streaming enthusiast. Curtis runs his own YouTube channel, “Learn Light and Sound,” where he gives useful tips on choosing audio gear, lighting, as well as live streaming setups," wrote Epiphan Video. 

Aaron Parecki 

“I can tell you for sure I would not set up an ATEM Mini in a classroom and expect people to know how to use it without a bunch of training. The Pearl Nano on the other hand is set up for one-button or automatic recording, streaming, and even uploading of content in classrooms and meeting rooms.”

Geeky Nerdy Techy

He said, "“The Pearl Nano replaces a computer when it comes to encoding, so you don’t need to have everything going through the computer, then out to the web, or then being recorded externally in another way. This will handle all that for you”

John Moore

John Moore is the MVP of Cerner Lead Technology Architect and Microsoft. He uses the Pearl Nano in this video to help give his first impressions of the unit. "He gives an overview of the capabilities of the device, his personal setup, and a few ideas on how the device can fit into a live event production workflow," wrote Epiphan. 


The Pearl Nano's reach is not just here in North America, but across the pond in Europe as well. That's where Holdan comes in. They are a Pan European product distributor for Epiphan. 

"Watch Kriss dive deep into Pearl Web UI and Epiphan Cloud UI features, and set up and show you how to configure an SRT stream in under a minute," wrote Epiphan. 


Ah yes, our good friends here at Videoguys. They too gave glowring reviews for the Pearl Nano and its amazing functionality. 

Epiphan wrote, "Paul Richards (HuddleCam, PTZOptics, StreamGeeks) chats with Epiphan’s George Herbert, expanding on the possibilities of using Pearl Nano with SimplTrack2 Camera."

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