Check Out the New Features in iZotope RX5

iZotope released iZotope RX5 audio repair and cleaning software and it's loaded with cool new features and performance. iZotope RX5 is the must have audio plug-in for video editors who need to salvage, improve, repair or clean less then optimal audio. Once you start using iZotope RX5 you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
ProTools Expert by Mike Thornton In this world exclusive review ahead of its release. Mr RX It, Mike Thornton, shows the key new features being introduced into iZotope's RX5 & RX5 Advanced, like De-plosive, an Ambience Match AudioSuite plug-in and an Instant Process Tool.

Highlights In RX5 Audio Editor

Instant Process Tool - When cleaning field up with modules like Spectral Repair, it can be really tedious to keep having to select an area of audio and then mouse up to the module and hit Process. Also the module window can get in the way. With the new Instant Process feature, once you have selected your bit of audio, it is processed immediately, so you can move straight onto the next problem area. Instant Process has several different modes - Attenuate, De-click, Fade, and Gain, and Replace. Module Chain - Often we need to use a number of modules to process a clip of audio, and until now we had to select a module one at a time. Now with Module Chain we can process clips with multiple modules all at once again saving valuable time and mouse clicks. De-reverb - iZotope introduced De-verb into RX Advanced. With RX5, De-reverb will be available in the standard version as well as the Advanced version. Corrective EQ - The EQ module in RX has undergone an overhaul and has a very similar look and feel to the EQ section in Final Mix. Now with 6 fully parametric bands and new filters to be used for cutting harsh high frequencies, rolling off low rumbles, reducing standing waves from a boomy location recording or increasing the intelligibility of dialogue. read more...

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