Check Out the New HD Sound Tools Collection: Review & Movie Trailer

HD Sound ToolsOne of the new products we recently added to our catalog is the HD Sound Tools collection of professionally designed royalty free sound elements for film, video, animation, gaming or web. The Point has just posted a quick review of this collection and had some very nice things to say about Robert Dudzic's work:
I checked around and it appears that Robert is a highly regarded sound designer, engineer, and producer. Once I heard the samples that are provided on his site, the typical lack of available content samples suddenly became less important. This is some of the most impressive work that I have heard to date. Considering the shear amount of quality elements included in this volume, and the availability of multiple file formats, I believe this set is a stellar deal.
If you're interested in HD Sound Tools you also need to check out this movie trailer from Max Hoffman using elements from this collection. Click here for more information on HD Soundtools and to buy now

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