Check Out These Five Hidden Features in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Screen Shot 01-12-16 at 11.40 AMI love videos and tutorials like this. These 5 little features can have a big impact on your prodcutivity and workflow. Adobe Premiere Pro users from novices to experts will find these hidden gems very useful.
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Five Less Known Editing Features In Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Knowing the ins and outs of your favourite NLE is essential aspect of the editing process. As any other editing platform, Adobe Premiere Pro CC also comes with tons of useful tools and features that can make life in the editing bay a lot easier. Being aware of some less known assets can make a huge difference in your overall workflow, however finding those sometimes can be a challenge. In the next video tutorial Jordy Vandeput from showcases five less known features which can make editing a lot faster and more convenient. These are little function tweaks or feature additions, yet they might make a huge difference in the workflow of the creative offline editors. read more... There're many features and functions that makes editing a lot faster and more pleasant to edit with. In this video you will learn what some of those features are and how to use them.
In the first tip we'll have a look at the audio track. It's possible to nudge your audio clip by samples instead of frames. This makes it easier to get your audio in sync with your video. Next you will learn how to evaluate your cut in a faster way by playing a pre and post-roll around your cut with one single shortkey. In the third tip you will learn how to set a different default transitions. Now you can set any transition under your default shortkey. Next is again about audio. It's sometimes frustrating to set the volume of your audio right. Set some shortcuts to increase or decrease the volume by 1 or 3 decibels. And finally you will learn how to open a used clip from your source window with just one single shortkey.

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