Check out this SmallHD 502 + SmallHD 702 On-Camera Monitor Review!

When it comes to compact, bright, hi-res on-camera monitors we LOVE SmallHD. These monitors are just so cool. Check out this fantastic, in depth review of the SmallHD 502 & 702 and I'm sure you will agree. Get yours today! Finally! As promised, our SmallHD 502 review, with the guest star, the SmallHD 702 monitor! Learn all about these monitors plus a few tips and tricks! Additional follow up reviews like destruction test and battery life to come, so subscribe to know when they're out! These new monitors are AMAZING and are a great step in a new direction for SmallHD to differentiate themselves. Some snobby on-set pros may say these monitors are too "consumer" looking for sets, but they are more pro than ever. This review covers as many of the features of the SmallHD's next generation interface as the time allows. There are just so many features in these monitors that it made this the longest review we have ever filmed!

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