Choosing Boris Continuum Complete for a New System

Broadcast Newsroom by Jeremiah Hall

I switched from Final Cut Pro to Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 last summer, and three projects later, I'm still happy. But when I wrote my original article, there was one thing I never considered - losing my existing plug-ins I used in FCP.

Every editor has plug-ins, some we use daily, others we only need to pull out once in a great while. After Effects and Premiere come with some pretty useful ones, but once in a while I need something a little more specialized.

When I worked with FCP, I used Nattress Film Effects quite a bit. Unfortunately, Nattress Film Effects is only available for FCP and Motion, with the Levels and Curves set also available for After Effects. One of the plug-ins I loved was G Nicer, which analyzes the missing chroma information caused by video compression, and works to fill it back in. It was primarily designed to help with doing green screen composites with DV.

A few weeks ago I started doing visual effects work on a short film project that was shot a few years ago. The entire project was shot against green screen, and the original footage was filmed with DVCPro HD on P2. However, the clips I received had been converted to Sorenson 3, as suggested by the original FX artist. read more...

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