Chris Bove on Unlocking the Power of Craft Editing in the Avid Blog

The article says it all. I have a ton of respect for Avid Media Composer and love to gets deeply detailed about it. I tell customers that the reason Avid Media Composer is always considered a top tool in the craft is because more award-winning pros and craft editors use it than any other software. Chris Bove is one of those craft editors and this latest Avid Blog Post from him is a must read as he waxes poetically on his craft. Avid Craft Editing
Long before grand visions of cloud collaboration, subscription-based apps, review and approval services, render farms, 4K, petabyte archive systems or even mind-dumbing arguments on Facebook over which hard drives are better, there were craft editors.
Click here to read the full post on Avid's Blog.

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