Church Production's 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Church Production is here to help you find gifts for under $50! Looking for a gift idea for your church tech? Read the 2016 holiday gift guide from Cathy Hutchison.
Defeat the Sharpie Burglar When you are in technical production, you bleed Sharpie. (And you may want to make someone bleed when they keep stealing yours and not putting it back.) What if your favorite church tech had their own Sharpies with a theft deterrent? (visit link) sells personalized Sharpie markers. You can either put your favorite tech’s name on them or a hilarious threat that will fit in 34 characters or less. An order of 6 is $12 plus shipping. Now if we could just figure out how to get the burglar to put the cap back on. Up the Coffee Game with a Pour-Over Station Everyone knows that church techs run on coffee, but unfortunately, your church probably isn’t providing coffee as early or as late as your favorite church tech needs it. Pick up a gooseneck kettle (for slow pouring) (visit link) and a paperless pour over coffee maker with stand (visit link) along with a pound of your favorite neighborhood roast. The cool part of the pour over is that not only does it make good coffee, but it also prompts your church tech to pause and take a real break. Frame a Favorite Song or Album Your church tech lives in a digital world—which is why sometimes analog feels great for the nostalgia factor. If you can find the sheet music or vinyl album that your favorite church tech loves, you can frame it and share it with them just to make them feel like you really get them. Bestow them with Power Chances are your church tech has a lot of favorite devices. And the more linked, connected and well used they are, the more quickly they run out of power. Mophie makes external power for a variety of devices. Figure out your favorite tech’s gadgets and search Best Buy for a compatible Mophie.
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