Church Production's Simple Secrets for Better Video Images

Looking for simple, professional ways to make your video images better? It's always in the attention to detail. Here are some do-able suggestions from the experts. Need recommendations for your House of Worship live productions? Check out our informative guide, Videoguys Top 10 Products for Your House of Worship
video production tipsFrom You may be a world-class shooter, but there may be one basic, vital step you are forgetting. I recently had the great privilege to interview one of the world’s leading wildlife cinematographers, Gavin Thurston. He had some fascinating stories about how to keep his gear operating in the harshest weather conditions. Thurston’s camera has taken him to every continent, and his resume includes award-winning productions with DisneyNature, PBS’s Nature and Nova, plus lots of work with the BBC. When I asked him what he always carries in his bag, his quick response made me examine one key camera skill that I am often lacking. He didn't immediately tell me about some MacGyver-esq contraption that helped save his life, a rain jacket that he keeps handy or even a roll of gaffer tape that he stashes away. Thurston’s first response was about the importance of lens cleaning. This mundane task is often overlooked by most of us, but to a pro, a clean lens is vital. Thurston insists that just about any camera can give you a professional quality image, but first the glass must be clean...[continue reading]

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