Church Streaming Interest Homes In On Facebook Live Exhibit at NAB

LiveU's presence at the Facebook Live pavilion at NAB 2017 helps church members find solutions to quality streaming for broadcast church services. The surge in popularity of live streaming church events, from sermons to funerals, is driving church production to find streaming solutions beyond smartphones and tablets. The LiveU Solo Premium bundle we offer here at Videoguys is a fantastic option for houses of worship who are seeking to improve the quality and ease of filming important events. It's an investment that will keep on giving! Click here for more details.

LasVegas Review-Journal

Kelan O’Connor, a support technician for LiveU, another Facebook Live solutions provider at the pavilion, also fielded questions from a church representative looking to broadcast sermons.

“Even funerals are being streamed now because elderly people can’t make it,’’ O’Connor said. ‘’People are coming up with events to stream that I never even thought of.’’

The world’s largest social media company has come under fire as some people use its live-streaming app to broadcast anger and crimes. Facebook should do more to remove such content, critics claim. Facebook could not be reached for comment....[continue reading]

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