Cine Gear 2018: G-Tech External SSDs are Transforming Post Production

Are you asking - Why would I change now to SSD's for storage or for post production workflow? Find out why in the video below! From RedSharkNews Commander of Intergalactic Business Development, Michael Gitig (yes, that is his real job title!) talks to us about the current state of SSDs and on set workflows in todays production world. 0:38 SSD's 0:56 Why change now to SSD's? 1:05 The resistance to SSD's: SSD VS Spinning Disks 1:40 Where SSD's are today 1:50 Heat issues with SSD's 2:23 What G-technology have learnt 2:48 SSD's, R-series, G-Shuttle drive 2:59 The benefits of using SSD's 4:36 What SSD is right for the job 5:26 8 bay SSD Shuttle 5:50 EV Sledge 6:32 Lightweight SSD's 7:19 EV Series feedback 7:34 EV RAW 8:00 Workflow documentation

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