CINE PLUS now relies on NEXIS | E4 and NEXIS | PRO Storage for its digital post-production

CINE PLUS relies on NEXIS E4 and Nexis Pro storage for its digital post-production. Avid is trusted and allows for a smooth installation and less training needed for CINE PLUS.

Avid NEXIS Shared Storage provides more efficiency and tightly integrated solutions at CINE PLUS

Integrating into existing Avid infrastructure, production house CINE PLUS now relies on NEXIS | E4 and NEXIS | PRO Storage for its digital post-production, allowing faster media access and reduced operating costs. CINE PLUS is one of Germany’s leading media service providers. At 11 locations throughout Germany, CINEPLUS produces shows such as “Geschickt eingefädelt – Wer näht am besten?”, episodes of the popular German crime series “Tatort”, in addition to multiple advertising, broadcast and movie productions including “Die dunkle Seite des Mondes”.
“Avid has always been a reliable partner” —Torsten Seemann
nexis Before the recent upgrade, CINE PLUS was running four Avid ISIS 5500 storage engines at its Berlin headquarters and has been a loyal Avid customer throughout, instilling trust in the quality and efficiency of Avid’s products and services to create high-quality, engaging and immersive content. “For us, Avid has always been a reliable partner, and their extensive support network sets Avid apart from other providers” says Torsten Seemann, Head of Technology, Media IT, at CINE PLUS. Due to increasing demand from their customers of higher resolutions and bigger data volumes, it was time for CINE PLUS to invest in new storage to support their professional productions. In terms of performance, energy efficiency and stability, CINE PLUS wanted to stick to the proven and trusted quality as had been previously delivered by Avid. Trusting in Avid shared storage solutions Avid NEXIS interoperability with third-party providers was also a big positive when considering the deployment of a NEXIS | E4 120TB engine. Integrating seamlessly into the existing Avid infrastructure, running on the industry’s most open, tightly integrated and efficient platform designed for media – the MediaCentral Platform, the maximum availability and security are guaranteed through the Avid System Director application. Allowing CINE PLUS to maximize and protect the value of existing media assets, the new NEXIS | E4 is now the central hub for all digital post production processes at CINE PLUS’ Berlin headquarters. Their setup includes a huge 40 editing suites using Media Composer, 20 computers used for logging and 10 Blackmagic Resolve units for Firstlight color grading. If needed, Adobe After Effects for titles or effects now ties in with the Avid storage system. CINE PLUS facilities based in other locations across Germany also operate with Avid NEXIS | PRO and their existing Avid storage infrastructure. [Continue Reading...]

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