Cineform First Light and First Light 3D Workflow Tutorial (Mac)

Workflow Overview

First Light is designed to be used alongside your editorial application like Final Cut Pro. As you adjust image development parameters in First Light, those changes are immediately visible in Final Cut Pro when you scrub or play your CineForm media. Because you are adjusting Active Metadata, and not flattening the adjustments into your media, you can adjust parameters at any time during your project workflow.

Note: All media must be converted to CineForm files prior to importing into First Light. You can use ReMaster to convert media that is not already in CineForm format.

Active Panel Overview

When you launch First Light, the main window is displayed. Notice on the upper right there are three tabs visible: Active, 3D, and Passive.

Image Development Controls: The Active Panel is the main adjustment panel for image development parameters. On the right panel are adjustments for white balance, saturation, gain control and black offset, and gamma controls. You may also flip images vertically or horizontally, change the decode curve, or apply a 3D LUT. Compatible 3D LUTs obey the Iridas .Look format.

All adjustments are stored as “Active Metadata” with your CineForm media, and are never flattened into your files unless you choose to render. read more...

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