CineForm Intermediate HDV Quality Analysis

cineform Using CineForm's HDV Codec v2.3 - October 2005 Two previous quality analyses have been published for CineForm codecs - one for our 8-bit codec used in Aspect HD and Connect HD , and a second for our 10-bit codec within used in Prospect HD. Both previous analyses were performed using Premiere Pro as the host application. The previous HDV codec analysis used a much older version (v1.2) of the CineForm codec. Since that time many visual quality enhancements have been added, so it became time to perform an updated 8-bit codec quality analysis. In this test we used Sony Vegas 6.0c instead of Premiere Pro, and we used the latest version (v2.3) of the CineForm 8-bit codec. (NOTE: The CineForm codec version number does not correlate with version release numbers for either Connect HD or Aspect HD). The posted results of this test are more interactive than our previous examples by allowing you click between the source image and each of the output generations. Observing the image being "flipped" in this way is truly the best way to view the differences between otherwise very similar images -- a single-by-side comparison is less effective. NOTE: This page contains about 1MB worth of data, so it will likely take longer to load than most pages. In particular the multi-generation images will take a bit longer. read more...

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