Cinescore Soundtrack Creation Software

DV by Jeffrey P. Fisher cinescoreEasily customize music themes to match time, emotion, instrument mix, and more. The amount of music required by your projects is inversely proportional to the amount of time (and money) available. Sony's latest software release, Cinescore (, is another soundtrack creation tool that fits nicely in your postproduction toolbox and budget. Through its unique music-generation engine and support for bringing in music and sound from other sources, Cinescore can function as a one-stop scoring destination. Cinescore is a standalone PC app with the look and feel of Sony's consumer software products. The software is a snap to use, requiring only three clicks to generate new music. Of course, professionals demand more from their software, and that's where Cinescore delivers some serious customization power. read more... Videoguys is offering Cinescore FREE with the purchase of Vegas DVD Production Studio!!

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