Clever new features in Lightworks 11.5 - We talk to Lightworks Product Manager, Matt Sandford

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Lightworks Global Product Manager, Matt Sandford, talks to RedShark about the significant new features in Lightworks 11.5

We caught up with Matt Sandford, who is the product manager for Lightworks. We asked him to talk about the new release (which is called 11.5, recently changed from 11.2 to reflect some of the many changes and the half-way position between versions 11 and 12).

Some of the new features:

  • AJA Hardware I/O support
  • Significant Sync Group improvements, including an automatically generated edit
  • Export and Upload to YouTube direct from Lightworks
  • Background exporta llowing users to continue working whie exporting two edits/clips at the same time
  • Screen capture recording using the record tool
  • Interface improvements, including Right Click menu options for common functionality, scalable interface and many more!
  • The new version is expected to be released around the end of the year. The Linux version, which has until now been in Beta, will be released at the same time as 11.5, and the Alpha/Beta releases of the Mac version have not been announced yet.

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