Adobe Premiere Pro Update Adobe to Annouce Updates to Premiere Pro at NAB 2016! Here’s a couple of small things: better marker filtering in the Marker window, thinner minimized audio and video tracks with some better ways to quickly expand and contract those audio and video tracks in the timeline.[/caption] Here we are just a few days ahead of NAB 2016 and Adobe has announced what will be coming in the next update to the Adobe Creative Cloud audio and video tools. There’s some great things hitting the professional audio and video apps across the suite. Among the highlights are enhanced performance for After Effects, an Essential Sound Panel in Audition for novice audio mixers and expanded functionality for Media Encoder including a Media Browser built-in. We’ll focus mainly on Adobe Premiere Pro CC and it’s updates. Here’s the big ones: Secondaries in the Lumetri color tools, a VR video mode and a proxy editing workflow. More details of all the new features have been cataloged on PVC already so let’s dig into this new Premiere stuff. Back in December of last year I wrote an article called 4 THINGS THAT WILL TAKE ADOBE PREMIERE PRO TO THE NEXT LEVEL. One of the things on that list was an Easy proxy offline editing mode. The next update to PPro will get just that. Adobe didn’t respond to my article as I’m sure this feature was in the works before December. I’ve been able to work with the beta a little bit and coming off a 4K job last year that had me creating proxies and going through a lot of relinking hoops this new proxy workflow looks like just what I was hoping for. [Click Here To Continue to Full Article]

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