Cloud vs On-Prem Encoding - Go Hybrid!

Here's an excerpt from an article by expert Jan Ozer on the game-changing developments of on-prem encoding shifting to cloud-based, more flexible solutions. Find out about Telestream's Vantage - an innovative player in this field. From

.... and On-Prem is Moving to the Cloud

Most original cloud encoding services were just that: encoding services that handled the last stage of media creation and deployment, plus encoding and packaging, but none of the antecedent workflows and none of the subsequent distribution roles. As cloud services push their encoding capabilities into the enterprise, traditional encoding vendors are porting the full functionality of their in-house workflow systems into the cloud. This allows customers to push more of their in-house workflows into the cloud.

A great example is Telestream Vantage. I spoke with Shawn Carnahan, CTO, who described how customers were accessing Telestream Vantage, the company’s flagship media processing program. Carnahan says that most customers still accessed Vantage bundled with traditional Lightspeed servers. However, an increasing number are also deploying software-only versions in their internal computing centers, usually into full virtual machines. He also notes that Telestream is supporting the need for scalability with usage-based pricing, though it’s closer to daily pricing than output minutes.

The most fascinating changes are occurring in the SaaS-based Telestream Cloud, however, where under the hood, a number of the traditional Vantage-based applications like IMF content creation and captioning are being ported into containers for web operation more

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