CNN Adopts Adobe Anywhere

Creative Planet Network by Jay Ankeney

Last month, CNN announced that it has adopted Adobe Systems’ new collaborative workflow platform, Adobe Anywhere, as the central key to upgrading its entire international newsroom journalism editing and distribution approach. This could foretell a major paradigm shift in the way multi-centric production and delivery systems will be shaped to tackle the challenges of turning the exploding barrage of input formats that digital content creators are facing today into the increasingly complex requirements of large and small delivery platforms—providing content to people, well, anywhere.

Adobe revealed its Adobe Anywhere concept as a technology preview in 2012 and formally premiered it at the 2013 NAB Show. Now that CNN has come forward as a major adopter of the system, Adobe Anywhere has become a practical reality, and this column was the first publication they spoke to in detail about it.

Replacing Creative Suite
“Adobe Anywhere is a collaboration platform that ties together Adobe’s creative applications with the customer’s own storage and asset management infrastructure,” began Michael Coleman, senior product manager for Adobe Anywhere at Adobe Systems. “It lets groups of editors and creative video folks work seamlessly together on the same application accessing the same media. Adobe Anywhere offers the benefits of shared media without actually moving ‘proxy’ files around because each participant is working with streaming versions from the original full resolution source material.”

Functioning as an enterprise-level system hosted in a private “cloud,” Adobe Anywhere works on-premise in a cluster of the customer’s own servers which enhances its security. It functions with Adobe’s two core components: the Adobe Anywhere Collaboration Hub containing all the project information and associated metadata; and the Adobe Mercury Streaming engine that enables dynamic real-time viewing of streams of source material complete with GPU-accelerated effects from Adobe Premiere Pro CC and sequences structured in Adobe Prelude CC. read more...

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