COD Delivers Complete Training for Avid MC 7

Class On Demand by Paul Holtz

Complete Training for Avid Media Composer 7

INSTRUCTOR:Lampasone, Don

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Our training for Avid Media Composer (including Symphony option) will help you learn to edit like a pro regardless of past software experience. Avid Editor and instructor, Don Lampasone will guide you through a series of information-packed lessons to get you up and running with Avid Media Composer 7.


1. Getting Started
2. Working with Media
3. Editing
4. Audio
5. Effects
6. Color Correction
7. Output

Preview Training

Just in time for the delivery of the latest version of Media Composer software, COD has published a comprehensive training series for the product. For advanced users who want a quick tutorial on the new features of MC7 (which includes the Symphony option), Avid editor and instructor, Don Lampasone, takes you through the interface and nuances of the new features. For editors new to Avid’s flagship product, you’ll have a thorough immersion into this amazingly powerful editing tool.

Don has worked in the film and video industry for nearly 20 years. He started his career as an Army Broadcaster and went on to become an Avid editor in the Washington D.C. metro area. Don has worked as a freelance video professional, editor, producer, director, DP, and graphics pro. Don spent six years in the Austin area honing his DP skills and working in all phases of production. He also served as lead instructor for the Digital Film Program at the Art Institute of Austin from 2008 – 2012. Currently, Don is a Senior Editor and DP at Interface Media Group in Washington, D.C. His lengthy client list includes ESPN, CBS, PBS, TLC, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, BET, and LHN

MC7 is packed full of new features designed to accelerate workflows and add creativity. From media management to color management, everything about MC7 means business. And so does the COD training. Don’s easy style and attention to detail makes our training the most comprehensive tutorial series on the market. Over eight hours of instruction, available online at COD makes this a must have for any serious Avid Media Composer aficionado or new user.

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