Collaboration for Everyone! NEXIS Pro and MediaCentral Editorial are a Winning Combination!

Great article from Avid on collaborative environments made easy by using the NEXIS | Pro shared storage unit with the MediaCentral platform! Want to understand the scope and benefits of MediaCentral? Don't miss the video below. And if you are looking for the NEXIS Pro - we have it bundled with a Dell Network switch for under 10K! From Avid's blog

....Although Media Composer and NEXIS are the key parts to most professional post environments, NEXIS also fully supports Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve, EDIUS, and of course our DAW, Pro Tools. While none of those third-party solutions have the same level of bin sharing capabilities as Media Composer, you can easily have them be part of a hybrid workflow, as many people often do. Supporting third-party solutions is obviously a good thing, because it gives the creative teams more flexibility on how they want to support different projects. But, as I mentioned earlier, Avid’s true goal is to help teams get their best work done faster. And that’s where the next revolution in post workflows comes in with our new MediaCentral | Editorial Management.

Technically you’d have to classify it as asset management, but it’s more like collaboration management, as it does some things that have never been possible before. I mentioned that Avid’s bin model was a key part of how we made collaborative post easy and reliable. But even that was limited to a world where you needed both a Media Composer system as well as someone trained to use it. The game changing part of Editorial Management is the new HyperBin architecture. Simply through an easy to use web UI called MediaCentral | Cloud UX, anyone can browse and search all of the media they have access to on NEXIS. More importantly, the user can also create Media Composer bins and folders right from that same web UI. So, an assistant could literally be moving dailies around and prepping bins for an editor from anywhere in the world, provided they can get to the network that the NEXIS is more

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