Color Grading History of Love with Firefly

This is a fantastic resource for cinematographers and film or video editor looking for color grading and dailies processing tools. There are a bunch of videos in the original article that demo what Firefly Cinema, FirePlay and FirePost can do. Check out the products out here, too.

Firefly, Color Grading with French Tone

ProVideoCoalition FireFly is not just the name of a popular western space opera, it’s also the name of a series of tools for cinematographers. Used in films as the recent History of Love. FireFly Cinema, a French based developer of affordable color grading and dailies processing applications, offers a complete suite of products for cinematographers. It’s one more solution to explore if you’re looking for alternatives. Programs as DaVinci Resolve from Blackmagic Design have changed the landscape when it comes to NLEs. Suddenly, newcomers to the industry discover a free solution that competes with some of the classic names, in terms of non-linear editors. We’ve covered here at ProVideo Coalition some of those free options and since we’ve published the article many of these solutions have evolved, becoming even more powerful...[continue reading ]

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