Combustion 4 First Look

Creative Cow by Kenneth LaRue combustion4Creative Cow's Ken LaRue explores the just announced Discreet combustion 4. Packed with many new features that Ken enthusiastically describes as "Hot!" and which include quite a number that many users have had on their own personal wish lists, C4 is drawing a lot of attention and discussion here in the Creative Cow forums. In this article, Ken helps us explore many of the reasons why... There is so much that Discreet has added to combustion 4 that I'd like to break this overview into a few sections where we will deal with these additions and features one-by-one. For the sake of those of you who are busy working professionsals who want the information fast, I have broken the new features of combustion 4 into the following sections that you can skim over or read about in more detail: * Big New Features: HOT features -- I have been begging for these! * Big New Features in Paint: One of the most requested features has been added (B-Splines) * New Features: Great new features and very welcome additions * New Workflow Features: If you look at each one of these by them selves they don’t look like any great new feature but when you add them all up it because a very nice improvement. * Then at the end I list some of the enhancements to the edit operator and expressions and some other features and workflow improvements. So, with so much to look at and with so much ground to cover, let's begin with what most people are going to be wondering about right away: What are combustion 4's biggest new features? read more...

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