Coming soon - 4K for mobile and web

4kultrahdlogos1-300x1694K video is here and it's not just for big home theatre screens. 4K will be viewed on mobile devices and in your web browser. WHich is why all vidoe content creators must begin addressign and figuring out 4K workflows.
Digital Cinema Demystified by Rich Lackey 4K is here to stay, and it’ll go mobile too. Web video production is on the rise. We are consuming video on phones and tablets more than any other device. Marketing videos, corporate videos and even Youtube vlogging is part of our daily entertainment mix whether we like it or not. Our mobile devices are employing displays with ever higher pixel densities and brighter, more vivid colors. 4K UHD online streaming is already a reality and Full HD 1080p is the bare minimum we expect online now. This year Sharp unveiled the worlds first UHD phone display (see Tiny 4K Displays Will Be Awesome—Just Not for Smartphones | Indiewire 04/14/15) packing in the full 3840 x 2160 pixels into a 5.5″ size display at 806 pixels per inch. There are rumors of upcoming flagship 4K smart phones from various manufacturers, although time will tell if this becomes a reality this year. 4K UHD laptops are already on the market, and upcoming UHD tablets go without saying. read more...

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