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NewTek’s Network Device Interface (NDI™) has achieved massive growth and deployment, with the flurry of public announcements before and during NAB 2016 just the tip of the iceberg. To date, more than 500 companies have signed up and received the NewTek NDI SDK, and during the coming year, the vendors implementing support for NDI will bring its capabilities into the hands of millions of customers. Here is a sampling of what other companies are saying about NewTek NDI and Advanced IP Workflow.

Adobe® Pro Video

“Adobe® Creative Cloud® users appreciate our advanced tools which help them be their most creative. NewTek’s NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud plug-in delivers the efficiency that content creators need to help them do great work in today’s fast-paced production environments. It also opens the door for editors and producers who want to bring the streamlined power of Adobe Premiere Pro CC into their live production workflows.” — Sue Skidmore, Head of Partner Relations AJT_Systems_Logo_r300x75 “This will be a game changer in video production, allowing customers to ‘plug and play’ bi-directional video, audio and metadata over simple category cable and COTS Ethernet switches. With this first release of our product on NDI we are supporting bi-directional video, enabling our product to receive NDI sources to composite in our 3D renderer while outputting the result as an NDI source to TriCaster. We have also enabled real time analysis of video in our product, supporting OCR (Optical Character Recognition) converting NDI video into data streams. This is just the beginning of innovations we will bring to our product enabled by NewTek’s NDI.” — Ron Linares, President, AJT Systems archionlogo-high “Archion has always led with intelligent shared media storage solutions and we are proud to be the first storage manufacturer to adopt NDI in collaboration with the NewTek team. By becoming a member of NewTek’s Developer Network and completing the challenge of NDI integration, broadcast professionals using NewTek can now seamlessly deploy EditStor Velo and enjoy how quickly the storage will be discovered and ready for use.” — James Tucci, CTO of Archion ASPEN_Community_wordcomp002 “We are excited to welcome NewTek to the ASPEN Community. As developers of groundbreaking video production technology, leveraging both software and hardware, NewTek is dedicated to providing users the tools to bring their ideas to life. NewTek brings with them a decade of IP experience, from the development of their hybrid IT production switcher, which will help to further develop and promote ASPEN.” — Mo Goyal, Co-Chairperson of the ASPEN Community AutoCue_logo_us “Autocue realizes the power of Internet everywhere and the increase of video over IP. With NDI, NewTek enables us to integrate seamlessly into their hugely popular TriCaster series. This gives our customers the opportunity to incorporate prompting into future workflows.” — Robin Brown, Product Manager of Autocue Digital Comm Link “Every day news organizations, sports teams, broadcasters and content producers use the DIGICASTER® Video Network to deliver content to their customers. Our joint solution brings the power of the DIGICASTER® Video Network directly to TriCaster users. NewTek is a driving force behind innovation in the broadcast space, and we are excited to be collaborating with them.” — Robert Mendes, COO of DCL deltacastlogo_crop “It is exciting to have over 60 video cards with different I/O options visible as sources in the large NDI ecosystem, creating new ways of thinking and working. NewTek NDI users will also gain access to SMPTE-2022-6 and in the future to other IP standards such as VSF TR-03 and ASPEN with our unified SDK and 2 new IP product announcements at NAB. ” — Christian Dutilleux, CEO of DELTACAST DVBControlLogo_snagit001 “When we saw the NewTek NDI standard, we could not believe it was possible to make such a simple and powerful IP video network, only with existing equipment! We have been designing IP video monitoring software for over 10 years, and our NDI Mosaic is the first of many NDI-based products we have in mind for this astounding IP video breakthrough.” — Tjerk Tigchelaar, Sales Manager, DVBControl web.evertz-logo “With over 40 global installations of Evertz SDVN, the addition of NDI support will expand that install base. By supporting NDI, media companies deploying IP live production can leverage an open architecture that handles small webcast productions to large UHD productions seamlessly. The inclusion of NDI in our SDVN solution also maintains our commitment to support open formats that are proven to work including ASPEN (SMPTE RDD37) and SMPTE 2022-x series of standards.” — Eric Fankhauser, VP, Product Development for Evertz Gnural-Logo-Email-Signature[4] “For us, NDI is more than just a core component of our LiveToAir product family – it is a gateway technology for a broad range of new capabilities and services that we look forward to delivering in the future. The capabilities offered by NDI are transformational – letting us extend the value that our products offer while expanding the ways our clients can integrate them into their workflows. NDI is a boon for everyone in the video industry.” — John Mahoney, CEO of Gnural Net JVCsnapshot_crop “NewTek’s initiative to unify video-over-IP protocols to create a plug-and-play environment for various products and platforms cannot be underestimated. JVC pioneered streaming camcorder more than 10 years ago and now, we are very excited to bridge our complete product line of professional cameras with NDI protocol. Our customers who are already enjoying the ability to move broadcast quality video over IP will greatly benefit from our collaboration with NewTek.” – Edgar Shane, General Manager of Engineering, JVCKENWOOD USA Logo_On_White_May2011 “IP workflow is the next revolution for the broadcasting industry and organizations need to be able to transition affordably and with partners that are here to stay. By incorporating the NDI-enabled LU2000 into their workflow, organizations can produce, integrate, and manage their video content more efficiently and cost-effectively. NewTek is a long-standing partner and we wholeheartedly support NDI as the IP standard. In fact, at NAB, we’ll be partnering with NewTek, Panasonic, and to demonstrate the amazing capabilities of NDI-enabled devices in an exclusive live studio in our booth.” — Avi Cohen, Co-Founder of LiveU Magewell_Logo_snagit001_crop “NewTek’s breakthrough NDI technology defines the standard of performance for broadcast video production. With access to all sources, the whole story can now be easily told, and that’s what every studio wants: Any source. Any time. Any where. That’s what the NewTek Magewell workflow offers. We are honored that NewTek and Magewell have products that work together. The future of video production has arrived. The future is now.” — Fei Ma, CTO of Magewell media5-logo-couleur3 “We have no doubt that in the coming years will be established that all video will be transferred by IP and we are happy to be working on developing solutions together with NewTek. This technological cooperation of integrating our products clearly opens up new opportunities for our customers and for our company offering our customers a low cost IP solution in the shortest time possible,” — Moises Martini, CEO of MEDIA 5 MediaFusion_Logo_WordComp001 “MediaFusion’s unique video learning platform can change how corporate executives communicate, educate and activate their employees. It’s about engagement during and after an initial presentation that helps employees retain information. Using MediaFusion allows employees to access and review the information in the office or out in the field whenever they need it. We believe an employee’s ability to quickly access specific content can only make it more valuable for everyone.” — Missy Ivankovich, President of MediaFusion MediaLooksLogo_snagit002_256x68 “Being in touch with new technology is our responsibility as a development tools company. It feels good when you can offer a new technology to customers without a long development cycle. We appreciate the fact that NewTek is making NDI an open standard and provides a clear API to make use of it.” — Andrey Okunev, CEO of Medialooks NewBlueFX_Logo_2012-Present “NewTek’s breakthrough NDI standard changes everything. It discards the rigid constraints that yesterday’s hardware defined. For us, it’s like oxygen – the possibilities just open up. We can do so much more and yet give customers uncluttered, direct work flows that are all the more powerful in their simplicity. Before NDI, delivering 16 channels of animated multi-layer production graphics was not possible in any reasonable form. This is a very exciting time. Now broadcast professionals can achieve the same high-end graphics previously associated with far more complex hardware and software systems, yet without the high-end costs in systems and training.” — Todor Fay, CEO of NewBlue NewsMaker “When we approached NewTek with the concept of creating a seamless automation bridge between large-scale newsroom computer systems and the TriCaster product line, their enthusiasm and support for NewsMaker have been nothing short of phenomenal. Now with NDI fully implemented, we have an entirely new set of tools and features to offer our mutual customers. NDI really changes the video over IP and networking game. NDI makes large-scale video networking available to any market and any budget. This kind of forward thinking is another great example of what both NewsMaker and NewTek have always been about.” — Dean Kolkey, President of NewsMaker Systems panasonic-new-logo “Panasonic has been a leader, taking advantage of the flexibility of IP connectivity for years and I have seen NewTek pushing the envelope during that time as well. Our PTZ camera systems have been using IP for camera control, and now feature IP streaming out as well as PoE+ power, drastically simplifying installation. We were fortunate to work with NewTek last year showing PTZ streaming directly to TriCaster and this year IP innovation is a main theme for us. We’ll show many streaming cameras, our new P2Cast Streaming Server, and a broadcast VoIP gateway prototype streaming 4K across the Central hall and we are thrilled to show how well our IP systems can work with NewTek as well. We can use NDI right out of the gate utilizing the NewTek Connect Pro as a bridge.” –– Michael Bergeron, Senior Business Development Manager at Panasonic playboxtechnology_logo “We have identified NDI as the most promising of the various proposed protocols. It is inherently compatible with a very wide range of applications and devices. NDI will streamline our solutions and create a more user-friendly production environment than was ever possible in the SDI world. Integrating NDI enables ProductionAirBox Neo to send up to four channels of low latency, high quality video and up to 16 channels audio to NewTek’s TriCaster or any other NDI compatible device. Broadcasters can now focus fully on creativity, free from compatibility issues between different parts of their system.” — Stanislav Petkov, CTO of PlayBox Technology Limited PTZOpticsLogo_snagit “NewTek’s NDI has been a top priority for us here at PTZOptics. We have already published an ‘NDI Playbook’ to demonstrate the implications of this technology in the major market verticals they serve. There are so many circumstances where we no longer have to say NO. With NDI the answer is usually, YES, we can do that and it’s not going to be too expensive to get it done.” — Paul Richards, Director of Business Development for PTZOptics RenewedVisionLogo_snagit “We are constantly trying to figure out ways to broaden the use of our suite of live production products. To be honest, when I heard about NewTek’s NDI, I was skeptical, but the reality is this is an extremely powerful method to easily integrate ProPresenter in to other production workflows. The quality is incredible!” — Brad Weston, President of Renewed Vision Streambox-logo “Streambox will be spotlighting its new relationship with NewTek, with an integration of its Avenir Micro with TriCaster. Now Streambox video will appear as a video/camera source for production on the TriCaster production system.” — Bob Hildeman, Co-Founder and CEO of Streambox vaddio_snagit001 “NewTek and Vaddio have a synergistic view towards the customer benefits of virtualizing video production over standard IP networks. Vaddio has led the transformation in the professional PTZ camera market in 2014 with the introduction of the RoboSHOT’s IP-centric feature set. Now with NewTek’s NDI, a standard framework has been established for the industry and creates a complete IP production workflow that can be easily implemented by our customers.” — Darrin Thurston, Vice President of Product Development for Vaddio vMix-Logo “For so long we’ve been able to share printers and files over a network, thanks to NDI now we’re able to share live video sources just as easily! We are very excited about the future of live video and what NDI has to offer in advancing software defined production.” “Being able to integrate low latency and high quality camera sources and devices over the network is a complete game changer for the industry.” — Tim Vandenberg, COO for vMix SplitmedialabsLogog_snagit001 “For XSplit Broadcaster to remain on the cutting edge of affordable professional live stream production software, it was only natural to integrate NewTek’s NDI into our software. The future of live production will undoubtedly be shaped by the use of cost efficient IP-based workflows and we are pleased to be a part of the technology’s landmark roll-out.” — Miguel Molina, Product Manager of XSplit Want to develop using NDI? Click here to become a registered member of the team. You’ll receive a to download the SDK, as well as any other communication of value to this community. NDI Developer Form

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