Comparing FCPX to Avid Media Composer 6 on MacBreak Studio Live


A slightly different MacBreak Studio Live this month. This time Steve Kantor joins the regulars where they take a look at Avid's Media Composer 6 and how it compares and differs from Final Cut Pro X. It's a good battle!

In the blue corner we have Steve Kantor who is demoing Avid, in the Red corner we have Steve Martin who puts up a good fight for FCPX. Mark Spencer acts as referee between the two.

Seriously, a great hour and a half that takes a good look at the similarities and differences between the new Media Composer 6 and Final Cut Pro X. We guarantee you will not find a better 'feature off' when it comes down to trimming and when comparing the two NLE's it's always the first point that's mentioned. It is also the first time we have heard Avid described as a crack dealer.

Enjoyable and informative chat, we will let you decide the winner. Please note as this is a recording of the live event, none of the interaction that Mark mentions will work.

As always thanks to the guys, don't forget to check out Steve Martin & Mark Spencer's training books for FCPX and Motion.

Watch the video here

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