How to Compose Your 360 VR Shots

Wondering how to compose shots for 360 video footage? This article is a good place to start your planning. Spherical video is promising, but there are tricks to making it work. Get the details here: From

how to compose a 360 vr shotSomething to remember when shooting spherical video is that everything is visible in the shot. Even if you think you are being clever by hiding behind a boulder or a tree, you might not be as well hidden as you think. This can make it a challenge if you only want your subject in the scene, or especially challenging if you don’t want anyone to be in the scene. If you need to be directing on-camera talent, this too can become difficult. There’s no traditional way to feed the subject their lines, or for that matter, know if it was even a good take or not. It is possible to view the talent by affixing a smart phone below the spherical camera and streaming video to another device. You may even try setting up a security camera in the rafters so you can monitor the talent’s performance from another room. If the camera is far enough away from the spherical camera, it may not even be noticeable....[continue reading]

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