Compositing Tool Roundup

Video Systems By Frank McMahon compositingToday’s compositing programs include powerful features that were unheard of on the desktop just a few years ago. Selecting a compositing program is probably the most important and pivotal choice a design studio can make, and increasingly it is a key choice for editors. The compositing application is the one program where all the elements — video, stills, audio, and more — are brought together. Beyond mere title sequences and bumps, these days composting programs work faster and harder and include workstation-like features that were unheard of on the desktop just a few years ago. Programs such as Adobe After Effects, Discreet Combustion, Apple Motion, Curious gFx, Digital Fusion DFX+ 4, and others are all muscling in on the around-$1,000 price market, because that's the point where you may be able to afford a couple of programs (and won't need to lock into a single, more costly software or dedicated hardware). If you're in the mood for playing the field, the following programs offer quite a lot, with prices that allow you to own more than one package. read more...

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