Confessions of an NAB Virgin

Creative COW by Kylee Wall

Hi. This is not an NAB recap. This isn't a collection of my thoughts about products and software. This is the confession of a small-town starry-eyed NAB virgin, and the adventures and anxieties she finds herself in.

~ "Ohcrapohcrapohcrap, there he is, ohcrapohcrap, I should go say hi, I need to say thanks, I've learned so much, crap he looks busy, chll out keep walking NO GO BACK ok walk straight crapcrapcrap what if you sound stupid or -- ok just look at this camera instead oh what a nice cam-ohcrap I'm going to regret this either way, may as well go for the gold. BE COOL BE COOL. How did I even get here?"

Well, that's an interesting question. And the answer is by plane, from balmy Indianapolis to freezing cold Las Vegas, early on a Saturday morning.

CONFESSION #1: I love storytelling. In fact, I just used a storytelling technique to yank you into my story! Ain't I clever?

So I'm in the back of a cab, heading to the Riviera Hotel for my first NAB Show. Explaining to the cabbie that I am in fact old enough to be in Vegas alone, I am an editor, I've wanted to be an editor since I was 14. Explaining why I haven't moved to LA yet, the challenges of post production, trying to get her to not take me through the tunnel. Too late. A $40 fare and my life story later, I'm dropped off at the nondescript sorta-front-doors of the hotel. I can't complain. My employer sent me to NAB to attend the Post Production World conference for some additional learning. For that, I am extremely thankful. read more...

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