Configuring NETGEAR M4250 Switches for Panasonic NDI/IP Cameras

NETGEARS M4250 Switches include a switch for NDI workflows of all sizes. One switch in particular is perfect for Panasonic NDI workflows. Check out this video from NETGEAR showing off how easy it is to setup an NDI workflow with Panasonic and NETGEAR switches.

The video focuses heavily on the new AV GUI on the M4250 series of switches, which makes it incredibly easy to configure your switches to the correct specifications for your workflow. 

When it comes to Panasonic PTZ cameras running with NDI, Videoguys specifically recommends NETGEAR M4250-10G2XF-PoE++ AV Switch with 720W Total Power Delivery

"But perhaps the biggest advancement of all is network compatibility. While there have been network cameras before, Panasonic’s PTZ cameras have built-in support for NDI via NDI|HX. It’s a network system that simplifies and greatly enhances the ability to send video over standard network cables and routers. There’s another huge benefit: everything (that’s power, signal, control, and tally) goes over a single cable."

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about NETGEAR HERE.  

Learn more about Pansonic HERE.

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