Configuring the Nvidia Quadro FX-540 professional video edition to display full screen video on a TV with AVID Xpress Pro HD.

Posted by mlimbolimbo on the Avid Xpress Pro PC support forum pny 540 + AvidThe Nvidia and PNY literature says that you can do this but the PDF manual isn’t all that helpful. With the extraordinary help of a PNY technical support person who will go unnamed to protect the innocent, I was able to get it all working very nicely. I am running 2 of the 540s in an Asus dual 16x pcie P5N32-SLI Deluxe MB. At this time this is a hard to find board and as far as I have been able to tell the only one on the market that will allow 2 cards to run at full speed simultaneously. You don’t have to have 2 cards to do this but you can only run 2 monitors off of one of these cards at any given time. In this configuration I have two 21† VGA monitors and a 13† Sony broadcast monitor. With one card connect the monitor to the DVI connection and the breakout box to the video out port. If you have a second card, connect the second VGA monitor to the VGA port on the card. If you have a third VGA monitor, go ahead and connect it to the DVI port on the second card (but your on your own with the configuration past the first 2 VGAs). read more...

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