Configuring Your System for CS4, Part 2

DCP By Jan Ozer

In the last installment, I described buying considerations and costs for system RAM and CPUs for Apple’s Mac Pro and HP’s xw8600 workstation. In this installment, I’ll present the results of a series of benchmark tests with the two systems. As you probably recall, both systems use quad-core Intel Xeon processors, and both used 64-bit operating systems—OS X 10.5.5 for the Mac and 64-bit Windows Vista Business, Service Pack 1, on the HP workstation.

The benchmark tests differ by format and computer. To test Windows performance, the DV test is the longest (about 4 minutes) and most comprehensive, and it includes color correction, chroma key via Adobe After Effects using Dynamic Link, chroma key via Adobe’s native Color Key filter, transparency, titles, logo insertion, and other effects. To test performance under the various test configurations, I rendered this file to DVD-compatible MPEG-2 in Adobe Media Encoder. read more...

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