Convergent Design announces new features for the Apollo Monitor, Recorder, Switcher
This portable, multichannel camera field monitor, recorder and live switcher is a unique product. It's got a lot of great functions packed into one device and these new additions are making it even more appealing to production professionals. Read how Convergent Design made this camera accessory even better...

Convergent Design Adds Features to Apollo Monitor/Recorder/Switcher Convergent Design ApolloHighlights include synchronization, including delay shift, between multiple cameras, and new dissolve options for the switcher. Convergent Design announces new features for the Apollo Monitor/Recorder/Switcher. The new A/V Align feature allows the synchronization between multiple cameras to be shifted. Each input can be adjusted for delay individually, and then video and audio delay separately adjusted. This allows for the mixing of brands and models of cameras that can introduce varying amounts of delay to the video and audio outputs. A simple touchscreen interface allows the inputs to be quickly and easily adjusted, and the system will remember the settings for future use. A/V Align is designed to save hours of tedious work in post, manually syncing the audio and video tracks for each clip. In Live-Switch mode, Apollo adds dissolves to what was previously a cuts-only switcher. Three dissolve speeds are available and the operator can switch between cuts and dissolves during recording via a touchscreen button...[continue reading]
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