Convergent Design: Odyssey Compression Codecs Included

doddleme by James DeRuvo

OdysseyMediaBanner2Odyssey 7 Pro Monitor unlocks codecs with Convergent SSD drive at No Charge

Last month, we profiled Convergent Design’s new Odyssey 7 line of professional monitor recorders, which also took the DV Black Diamond Award for innovative design at NAB. Convergent has now announced that, thanks to an excited customer base that has given them feedback since the announcement, included in its pricing for the pair of notable monitors will be compressed codecs like DNxHD in 1080p 4:2:2 at no extra charge.

Based on customer feedback at NAB, Convergent Design has made some significant changes and is now announcing full pricing for the Odyssey7 and Odyssey7Q. Most notably, DNxHD and any future supported compressed codecs (up to 1080p60 422) will now be included at no additional cost in the base price of the Odyssey. There is no additional firmware option to purchase for DNxHD support. Simply insert a Convergent Design SSD into the monitor and you have activated recording features in both Odyssey7 and Odyssey7Q. – Convergent Design’s press release

All one needs to do to access the open source DNxHD codec support is to insert a Convengent 2.5-inch SSD Drive in either one of its two drive bays. No firmware update is required. This makes the Odyssey 7 a great option as a field monitor/recorder for runners and gunners rockin’ cameras like the 5DmarkIII, 1DC, D800, EX1, EX3, AF100. Convergent has, however, also clarified what features are available at the Odyssey 7 level and what bonus features come with the Odyssey 7Q. Here’s a an updated feature set: read more...

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