Convergent Design ships new HDV, HDMI Converters

Convergent Design has two new affordable products aimed at HDV, DV and AVCHD conversion to HD/SD-SDI. Convergent Design The first product, HDConnect SI (derived from the successful HD-Connect LE) converts 1394 (HDV) stream and RS- 422 deck-control inputs to HD/SD-SDI stream and 1394 deck-control outputs. The second converter, HD-Connect MI, retains the deck-control conversion and represents an entirely new class of stream conversion: HDMI to HD/SD-SDI. HD-Connect SI, the HDV to HD/SD-SDI converter, works with all HDV devices from Sony, JVC and Canon, including 1080i24F and 720p24 formats. This powerful box decodes the compressed HDV stream (sent over 1394) and converts it to HD/SD-SDI. HD-Connect MI, on the other hand, takes the uncompressed HD/SD 4:2:2 video (and stereo audio) from HDMI, adds the time code from a 1394 connection, and multiplexes all this data into an HD/SD-SDI stream. HD-Connect MI, the HDMI to HD/SD-SDI converter, operates with the JVC BR-HD50 and Sony HVR-M25U deck as well as the Sony HDR-HC3 HDV consumer camcorder and the upcoming AVCHD camcorders (with HDMI output). By making use of the decoding capability already inside the deck or camcorder, this small and versatile box can support HDV, DV and AVCHD formats. HD-Connect MI users can enjoy significant cost savings, not only in the initial purchase of the box, but also by eliminating the need to purchase additional decks and converters. For example, when connected to the Sony M25U deck, users can play back DV tapes as well as 1080i and 720p tapes (except 1080i24F and 720p24). Conversely, using Firewire capture methods (Native HDV editing), users are forced to purchase a second deck (to support JVC tapes), as 720p HDV will not stream out the Firewire port of a 1080i deck. Users that need both 1080i and 720p support can potentially save 3x the cost of the HD-Connect MI box. Both products feature RS-422 to 1394 deck control translation which has been extensively tested on Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Quantel and Media100 systems. This deck control translation allows offline / online batch capture to an NLE. Likewise, both converters provide 1080i ↔ 720p cross conversion and downscale to SD in anamorphic, letterbox or edge-crop modes. HDV and AVCHD editors now have affordable tools to convert long-GOP compressed formats into easily editable I-Frame-based CODECs such as DVCProHD and DNxHD. These real-time conversions can eliminate all the headaches and long render times associated with native-format editing. Users no longer need to change their workflow: They just need to upgrade their connection. Additionally, tape dubs from HDV, DV or AVCHD to HDCAM, DVCProHD or DigiBeta entail only a single coax connection via the HD/SD-SDI cable that carries video, audio and time-code. For more info and pricing check out our Convergent Design Page

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