Convergent Design Unveils HDV-Connect

HDV-Connect wins two industry awards nab awardConvergent Design unveiled the HDV -Connect, a high performance HDV /DV to HD/SD-SDI converter recently at NAB. Intended for both broadcast studio and NLE applications, the stand-alone converter supports 1080i, 720p as well as standard definition applications in both PAL and NTSC. Convergent Design was presented with two top industry awards for the HDV -Connect: “The Vidy† award from Videography Magazine, and Television Broadcast’s “Top Innovation Award†. HDV -Connect includes two HD/SD-SDI outputs with embedded audio and time code for direct connection to HD/SD-SDI based editing systems. Furthermore, with switchable HD/SD video reference input, HDV -Connect can be used with SDI-routers for transmission of HDV /DV material over HD/SD-SDI coax of up to 100/300 meters in length. Additionally, the HDV -Connect outputs linear time code (LTC) over a coaxial connection, enabling video, audio and time code transfers from HDV to HD based decks. HDV -Connect includes a full-complement of outputs including HD/SD-SDI, component video (in either SD or HD resolutions) and DVI for direction connection to analog monitors or an LCD panel. Audio I/O is available via two channels of 48KHz AES in addition to embedded audio over SDI. This versatile converter supports HDV to HD-SDI, bidirectional DV to SD-SDI as well as uncompressed (10/8-bit 4:2:2) SD video, 24-bit audio and time code over 1394. Michael Schell, President of Convergent Designs and creator of the HDV -Connect states, “One of the most unique features of HDV -Connect is the ability to translate RS-422 deck commands to 1394 AVC for control of an HDV /DV deck from a NLE application. Workflow is improved because users can ‘drive’ their deck directly from the HD/SD-SDI based application and perform log and batch capture operations. Additionally, when used with Firewire-based editing programs, deck control can be ‘turned-around’ with the translation of 1394 AVC to RS-422 deck control. † The cost-to-value ratio makes the HDV -Connect a excellent choice, providing a wide array of features at a moderate price point of $2495.00. Michael Schell also adds, “Users contemplating the purchase of a DV to SDI converter will likely find the incremental cost of HDV -Connect a wise investment. HDV -Connect is much more than a converter: it features an impressive list of unique, powerful tools in one box.† HDV -Connect supports internet-enabled firmware updates (with version roll-back) and web-based control via a 10/100 Ethernet port. Additionally, the box can be locally controlled via a 128x32 vacuum florescent display and rotary knob. The lightweight (3 lbs), small (12† (W) x 7†(D) x 1.7† (H)) box can be easily carried with a laptop computer for Firewire-based field editing or rack mounted (via add-on ears) for studio users. Click here for more info

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