Convert your 5D footage: 5DtoRGB vs. MPEG Streamclip vs. Canon Eos E-1 vs. Red Giant Grinder

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Recently I was reading a blog post from director Robin Schmidt over at which got me curious. He was doing a comparison between MPEG Streamclip and rarevisions 5DtoRGB. I was using MPEG Streamclip for myself to convert my 5D footage. From the beginning I was always aware of the obvious gamma shift you get using MPEG Streamclip. I just started to convert to Proxy files for editing and reconnect to my original files.

Seeing the great results of the test I started to do my own and compare 5DtoRGB to other converting tools like the Canon E1-Plugin and Magic Bullets Grinder.

I try to describe my own opinion about the outputs. I ´m really open about comments and deeper analysis about the files. All files were converted to ProRes 422 from the original 5D Mark II files. Click on the images to get a bigger version and feel free to download them.

My first try was to compare MPEG Streamclip with 5DtoRGB. I wanted to see myself if the outcome would be so great as described before. And they really are. The MPEG Streamclip file has an obvious gamma shift and looks (now compared to another file) almost oversaturated. The output of 5DtoRGB is a really nice flat image which looks great for grading. read more...

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