Converting HDMI to SDI for TriCaster Productions

In this clip Geekbeat.TV talks about using affordable HDMI camcorders with your TriCaster 460 or higher. These units currently only have SDI inputs. The TriCaster Mini has 4 HDMI inputs. I hope that future versions of the 460 & higher hardware will include a handful of HDMI inputs. We recommend the AJA HA5 for converting HDMI to SDI for just $345!

So: your studio has a big switcher loaded with SDI inputs, and for field projects you use a small portable HDMI switcher. Every camera, computer, and mobile device you’ve got has to be able to feed either one. Never fear. Dave Curlee, video producer at GeekBeat TV, serves up the answers to your SDI/HDMI conversion questions.

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