Could this be the next DSLR revolution? (Hint: it's not even a camera!)

RedShark by David Shapton

This new device from Atomos is what DSLR users have been waiting for - and its half the price we expected!

There's nothing new about external recorders these days. Back in 2011, they were the newest, most exciting thing. Let's just remind ourselves about why you might want to use one.

First, they have bigger storage. You can either record to SSDs or, in the case of Atomos recorders, an HDD as well, for almost unbelievably long record times, as long as you're not on a motorbike, driving off-road, or in a helicopter.

Next, they record direct to ProRes, or DNxHD: both edit-friendly formats that you can put straight onto your timeline and edit with - without any transcoding. They're efficient too: they're not Long-GOP, so they're easy to decode and you can do more stuff in real-time while you're editing.

Third, they have screens. Well, some of them have screens. This means that if the screen is good enough, you can use them as an electronic view finder (EVF).

So when the original Atomos Ninja came out in 2011, it came with the promise of all these things.

And it certainly worked. But there were drawbacks.

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