Covid-19 and Corporate Communications- Adapt to Thrive

Covid-19 has quickly had a great effect on the industry as a whole. NewTek recently posted an article detailing how live streaming can still help your business succeed. We're going to take a look at some of the finer parts of that article.

There are a lot of words starting with C flying around right now; coronavirus, COVID-19, contagion, crisis, and of course corporate communications being among them. Now that the World Health Organization have declared the current events a pandemic and the public health authorities are taking unprecedented steps to help manage the outbreak, corporate communications teams must quickly work out how to be effective whilst managing the impact of the situation on their own resources.


Social Distancing is beginning to become more and more common place, and there has also been an increase in working from home, and satellite conferencing. This has made communication harder and harder across organizations.

While many changes need to be made swiftly to stop the spread of the virus, it is important to keep stock holders and employees informed.

When developing a communication strategy, live streaming is a great tool to access a large audience. This includes corporate channels, and mobile networks. For corporations looking to reassure and engage both stock holders and customers, this is an incredibly valuable tool.

With production systems like the NewTek TriCaster Mini 4K, among others, communication teams can run entire shows with a script and message, and send them out on a wide scale.

There is also no better time to jump into live streaming. Production systems are now straight forward enough that even a volunteer can operate them. However, they are sophisticated and will create a high quality production. This makes them perfect tools for corporate production and communication.

Check out NewTek's article HERE.


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