Covid-19: How our Lives Have Been Changed Forever

The Coronavirus Pandemic has already left a major imprint on how we consume, stream and live our day to day lives. During this time of social distancing remote communication has become more important than ever.

Educators, corporate entities, and government officials have all looked to streaming to help continue their message, even while separated.

What is the lasting imprint? recently posted a very insightful article, detailing how the virus has made a major change in day to day living.

While it is too early to assess the damage caused by this global pandemic, there are signs that it will permanently change the way society functions. From its impact on the global economy to our daily lives, COVID-19 will leave an enormous impact on how we consume, how we learn, how we work, and how we socialize and communicate.


With this somewhat troubling revelation, continuing communication as close to normal as possible is a must. Many educators have looked to devices such as the WireCast Gear, NewTek TriCaster Mini and the SlingStudio to help produce quality remote communication materials for their respective audiences.

Streaming content online has become massively popular over the past decade. As movie theaters close and live events get canceled left and right in the face of a global pandemic, streaming will become an even more critical and dominant way to deliver content to the consumer. From concerts to sporting events, what was once considered prime events for large in-person audiences will be forced to stream them to homebound fans instead.

The Spread of Telecommuting and Online Learning

One of the most common areas where streaming is expected to grow is Education. Classes and course loads cannot be expected to stop for students across the country. Therefore, educators on all levels are turning to telecommunication.

Apps like Zoom video, or the Skype TX module on several NewTek devices are expected to expand communication by providing teachers a two way street to hold class.

Still, some other education facilities are pre recording lessons, or streaming them to a live audience via Facebook with encoders like the Wowza Clearcaster- which also makes it easy to monitor your community comment feed on your stream.

The way that Covid-19 will permanently effect our society remain to be seen, but could potentially be massive. Streaming leaves a road for communication even through the most difficult periods.

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